1. The Greener Dry Cleaner Picks Up Your Rug: We will carefully roll up your rugs and brings them to our state of the art facility.


2. Inspection: Our expert will staff will comprehensively examine each and every rug. Each rug receives its own recommended cleaning process depending on the type, age, condition and specific issues of the rug.


3.Cleaning: Our deep cleaning process for fine rugs, soap wash, hand wash and dry cleaning, for fine or delicate rugs, including handmade and silk, even emergency cleaning and repair for when you need immediate service. Whatever rug you need brought back to its original brilliance, The Greener Dry Cleaner will far exceed your highest expectations.  


4. The End Process: All rugs are heat dried, re-examined and individually wrapped & delivered back to You.


5. Delivery: We will deliver your rugs to your home, and set them in their original place as though they had never been moved!