Bridal Gown 


bridal gown preserving

Many Brides spend years dreaming of what their wedding gown would look like.Now that day has come and it is yours to keep forever.  It holds the memory of the most important day for you and your husband. That is why we believe the best way to ensure your gown will last  is to have it processed by our experts using our guaranteed Preservation method.

1. Expert cleaning.

In preparation for long-term storage, our experts inspect every gown to determine the best method of stain removal to properly clean your cherished garment.

2) Thorough inspection.

Each gown is inspected prior to cleaning, after cleaning and at each step of the preservation process, making every attempt to remove all stains so that your garment will be safely stored for future generations.

3) Proper storage.

Our final step in our Museum Style Preservation.  We carefully package your gown in our exclusive storage box. Our storage box is customized and our experts guarantee your gown will not yellow or oxidize, retaining its value and preserving it for years to come.

4) Preserved to last.

Once your gown has been carefully preserved we will deliver it to  your home.

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