Dry Cleaner

Do You Really Need A Dry Cleaner? How To Decide

You see your dress shirts and suit jackets piling up in the closet, and you're wondering: do I really need a dry cleaner, or can I handle this myself? Finding an affordable dry cleaner near me can be a challenge, and The Greener Dry Cleaner is your affordable dry cleaner near me, here to meet all of your dry cleaning needs in a safe, environmentally friendly way.


In order to understand why it's so important to have certain articles of clothing dry cleaned, you need to understand the dry cleaning process. The term dry cleaner is a misnomer. When your clothes are dry cleaned, they're cleaned with liquid chemicals (but not water). This means that clothes that would normally be ruined by the standard cleaning process are gently treated with chemicals that are perfect for delicate fabrics. Clothes are agitated with these chemicals in a machine similar to the washer you have at home, and then steam cleaned to remove any traces of chemicals before they're returned to you.

When you try to wash clothes that are labeled dry clean only in a standard washing machine, you're running the risk of ruining them.


If your clothes are labeled dry cleaner only, the answer is simple: you need a dry cleaner! At The Greener Dry Cleaner, we're here to help with all your dry cleaning needs.