We are Committed to Aid in the Preservation of OUR Environment:
  •  Our Delivery Vans are all 100% Electric

  • NO WIRE HANGERS! Our hangers are made from recycled plastic

  • NO PLASTIC BAGS! We provide all our customers with a courtesy "green" Garment Bag & Tote ( for wash & fold or Customers who like their laundered shirts returned folded) Additional Garment Bags and Totes can be purchased at our cost.

  • We are proud to use Intense Solvent in our Dry Cleaning Process

  • Intense  has the Highest KB Value of any Green Solvent, at 74 out of 100.  Green Earth is a 12)

  • Intense is safe for all your family most important cleaning needs 

  • Safe for the environment

  • Heat Seal Garment Marking (so no waste paper)

  • EPA approved

  • Only non-toxic substances such as water, biodegradable soap and steam are used in our cleaning process.

  • Garments look cleaner, last longer, feel softer, look brighter and smell fresher

  • No allergic reactions