Leather & Suede Cleaning

Fur Glazing & Cold Storage

Items made of leather, suede & fur are one of life luxurious and there need to be handled accordingly.

Replacement is very costly so extreme care is crucial to ensure the longevity of the life of the garment, handbag or home furnishing.


We use specialized cleaning processes for leather, suede and fur items:

  • All skins and furs are individually identified for dexterity and durability.

  • Furs are cleaned and rolled in sawdust to ensure that the natural oils of the skins are re-injected into the pelts.

  • All leather items are cleaned re-oiled and re-tinte

Understanding Fur Cleaning


The garment is first inspected for age and condition, to insure it can be cleaned safely in the rotating, fur-cleaning drum.  Repairs are made to any minor rips or tears, and the customer is informed if any major repairs are necessary before the garment can be safely tumble- cleaned.  If the pelts in the garment are in good condition, cleaning is a safe process.


The garment lining is hand cleaned, and spots are removed from the fur.


The fur is placed in a large, sealed drum filled with sawdust or ground corncob.  Ground walnut shells or pumice is sometimes used for more abrasiveness.  The ground material is moistened with solvents to help dissolve oily soil.  The garment is then tumbled in the drum while the ground material penetrates the fur and "scrubs" the fibers clean.  A little water is sometimes added to the sawdust to help remove water-soluble soil.

After cleaning, our fur cleaning carefully glazes the fur on our electrifying machine.

After solvent tumbling, the garment is tumbled again in an open wire drum inside a vacuum chamber to sweep away the sawdust.


The fur is then removed from the wire cage, and the remaining sawdust blown out of pockets, sleeves, and hems with a stream of compressed air.


The cleaned garment then goes through a process called ironing, glazing or electrifying.  The fur is placed in a machine that irons it with rollers.  But instead of flattening the fur, as you would expect, the hairs are lifted, separated, and returned to a uniform direction with static electricity.


The lining is then hand-ironed and the fur is inspected, bagged and returned to the customer.

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