The GDC Difference

We are Committed to Aid in the Preservation of OUR Environment:
  • Our Delivery Vans are all 100% Electric

  • NO WIRE HANGERS! Our hangers are made from recycled plastic

  • NO PLASTIC BAGS! We provide all our customers with a courtesy "green" Garment Bag & Tote ( for wash & fold or Customers who like their laundered shirts returned folded) Additional Garment Bags and Totes can be purchased at our cost.

  • Did you know, every year over 300 million pounds of single-use plastic dry cleaning bags are dumped into our landfills? And that's just in The United States.  At least 15 Countries around the world have either banned or taxed single-use plastic bags, including parts of The United States.

  • Plastic bags are rarely recycled, they don't completely break down in landfills, they kill marine and wildlife and can cause choking accidents and sometimes death in infants and toddlers. If left on dry cleaned clothes, the plastic bags don't "breathe" which can cause the chemicals to stay in your clothing which then leach into your skin.

  • Our Garment Bags are made from a recyclable, breathable, water-resistant material, making it an eco-friendly, stylish, practical and affordable alternative to single-use plastic garment bags.

  • We are proud to use Intense Solvent in our Dry Cleaning Process

  • Intense  has the Highest KB Value of any Green Solvent, at 74 out of 100.  Green Earth is a 12) Intense is safe for all your family's most important cleaning needs & Safe for the environment

  • Only non-toxic substances such as water, biodegradable soap and steam are used in our cleaning process. No allergic reactions

  • Heat Seal Garment Marking (so no waste paper) & the most accurate way to track you garments

  • By switching to The Greener Dry Cleaner you will help to drastically reduce the negative impact of single-use plastic bags - that's pretty GREEN

  • Even the materials used in the build out of our store are Environmentally Friendly!We have strived to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible

  • From PVC FREE FlooringRecycled Glass Counter Tops, Reclaimed Barn & Water Tower Wood, ZERO VOC Paint & Our Living Awing